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Just in front of him, hanging from the lifeguard stand, an American flag softly flutters. This is something that he asks himself, noting that he often thinks of himself in the third person—a dispassionate observer. Roger mocked “Tom the younger,” as he liked to call him, loudly, as Audra was walking away, and Tom was so mortified, so sure that Audra had heard every word, that he never spoke to her again. If he met these people now, he’s not sure he would be their friend, not sure he would have dinner with them every Saturday night, play tennis with them every Sunday, vacation with them twice a year, see the movies they see, eat at the places they eat at, do whatever it is that they all do together just because they’re a kind of club—all while worrying about what will happen if he strays, if he does something other than what they expect of him, and he doesn’t mean sex, he means something more.

His brother, Roger, visits the beach once a year, like a tropical storm that changes everything.“It’s a beautiful day,” she says. Tom sits in a low chair, facing the water, his feet buried in the sand. Every girl was just one twist of the genetic helix away from having a syndrome of some sort. He is only half listening, thinking about how life changes.

He can see her reflection in the bathroom mirror, the headset wrapped around her ear as if she were an air-traffic controller or a Secret Service agent. In the sea, the paint ran down her skin in beautiful streaks of color.

He painted her body and then he photographed her walking away from him into the water.

Others remained in dormitory rooms, where police tracked them down to ask a long-overdue question: Do you feel safe?

State officials opened the inevitable investigation, interrogating the staff and combing through records.

This article is a collaboration with Pro Publica On the morning of June 6, 2013, Davis Police Department squad cars rolled up to the group home at 2100 Fifth Street. There were reports of fights, drug use, children having sex with adults.

Effects of these shifts on childhood hypertension are unclear.

Our objectives were to (1) Determine the prevalence of hypertension among primary schoolchildren in Khartoum, Sudan; (2) Determine whether hypertension in this setting is associated with obesity.

We performed a cross sectional study of 6-12y children from two schools randomly selected in Khartoum, Sudan.

Height, weight, BMI, BP and family history of hypertension were assessed.