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Saoud Elhafi, co-founder of the February 17 Coalition, summed up the frustration: He needs to fill this vacuum as soon as possible.

He was assigned to form a new government but we are yet to see it.

Pakistan’s first foreign minister Sir Zafarullah Khan, senior advisor to four presidents, M.

A census worker collects information from a Christian woman in Lahore's Youhanabad neighbourhood on March 28, 2017.

In The Netherlands Muslims have organized themselves primarily in communities centered around prayer-halls or mosques.

In some cases it is difficult to make a clear distinction between these two institutions.

All other places, even though destined for the performance of Islamic prayers as well, which do not fulfill the aforementioned requirements, can be called prayer-halls.

Muammar Gaddafi remains on the run, protests are planned in Syria, Egypt and Yemen, and the row between Turkey and Israeli continues to brew.A mosque can be defined as a building in which each of the five daily prayers prescribed by Islam are performed collectively and on a regular basis under the guidance of an imam who has been entrusted with that task by the community.He need not necessarily be the only person of the community to perform this task, but may share this function with other members, according to a scheme of roulation.• Where could Gaddafi go and what are the chances he's there?The Guardian has produced a tongue-in-cheek interactive map of possible Gaddafi hideouts and ratings, out of five, for the likelihood that he is there.Christopher's views were echoed by Nancy Stiegler, an advisor for the UN Population Fund who called the census a "powerful tool for planning" not only for minorities, "but all the population of Pakistan".